Put your business on autopilot and earn even when you’re on holiday!

Put your business on autopilot and earn even when you're on holiday!

How can you put your business on autopilot so you have income even when you're on holiday?

For most experts building an online business, marketing activities become extremely time-consuming. They often end up losing their enthusiasm for supporting customers.

Having your business on autopilot is every entrepreneur’s dream. We want to be able to earn money even when we are on vacation! We want to attract customers permanently.

The good news is that there are technical solutions for this.

Here are the tools needed to automate your business:

  • The email marketing platform through which you automate registrations for events, and your offers. With a simple button linked to the payment application, those in your database can purchase the products you have on offer. You can do different segments of the database to send special offers. I use Mailerlite. It’s simple and free for up to 1000 subscribers.
  • Link to personal calendar through which those who wish can sign up for a discussion with you. Create an account on Calendly or Oncehub and integrate it with Zoom so that when a person signs up, they get the Zoom link directly. And looks like this, You will receive requests from those who need you, regardless of the day, or time. You set the intervals when you can be contacted.
  • An automatic payment link through Stripe. There are several platforms that offer payment links and Paypal and Stripe are the most well-known. I use Stripe because it also has the Ron option. Paypal only has the Euro/Dollar option. You create the payment link in Stripe in a few steps and then associate it with a button in your newsletter or sales pages. It’s easy to earn money while you do something else!


If you have a website, you can increase traffic by putting your links on social media. This way you will attract people from social media to your website. Here they will be more likely to explore your products and buy them.

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