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Build a community of fans


Clearly communicate the problem you can solve, provide valuable content, and you will ONLY attract followers who will become fans. They will buy your products and refer you further.

Construiește o comunitate de fani

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Create a product that sells


We create together the product your community needs NOW and people are ready to buy it. And we will do this fast using the power of AI.

Creezi produsul care se vinde

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Attract the right customers


You will learn to use AI to discover the profitable client and niche to grow grow rapidly your community and business.

Atragi clienți potriviți

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Create sales funnels


Creating the sales funnel strategy for your product will be easy with AI. You will learn how to create engagement on the 3 steps of the customer buying behavior: I see you, I like you, I trust and buy from you.

Creezi fluxuri de vânzare

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Increase your personal brand authority


Inlocuieste propozitia 2 cu Use AI to create an efficient editorial plan to support your brand identity.

Crești autoritatea brandului personal

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You implement systems and automation tools


You implement tools and systems that keep your business running even when you're on vacation.

Implementezi sisteme si instrumente de automatizare

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— About Me


Digital Business Mentor Author, Entrepreneur

I’m Adriana Radu, Digital business mentor, author, entrepreneur and I support coaches, therapists and consultants to develop online businesses aligned with their personality and dream life style.

How do you grow a coaching business? How do you attract leads? How do you grow your community? What kind of content do you need to create? How do you do all this without feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of online presence, tools and strategies?

This is where I intervene with 9 years of experience in developing my own online business while supporting hundreds of clients.
My method and system are based on a combination of 15 years of corporate experience at Board level and 9 years as entrepreneur. Since 2014 I managed to successfully open two coaching niches: Career Management and Online Business Development.
Starting and scaling a business can take many shapes. The key to success is to adapt your model to your personality and your dream life style.

I grew my online business testing various marketing approaches until I found the one which is best suitable for me. Starting from the organic, SEO based marketing model, which I worked with Stephanie Fiteni, my first mentor, I decided to move into a more social media based model in order to fill my coaching practice.

Very soon I had to move from 1:1 to group programs. However, I found that having regular launches were overwhelming for me so I moved to the evergreen group model.
This approach allowed me to free time to develop other products such as masterminds and retreats. Changing my business model to suit my life style allowed me to grow my business with 58% this year only.
There is no “one size fits all” approach to growing a coaching practice. I am always adapting the marketing strategy to my clients’ personality and dream life style.

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Years of experience

Over the years I learned that being successful means being happy and aligned with yourself. Moreover, I truly believe a business is built step by step, taking your time to validate your ideas as well as your brand in front of your audience.

Having a successful business is not possible without embracing an abundance mindset since we are what we believe. As entreprepreneurs we take on opportunities which mean assuming risks we cannot control but that is the beauty of being free to choose how we lead our lives.
When these choices are deeply connected with your own personal values and your mission, there is a powerful energy fueling your success. Simply said, being authentic I connect to a higher source of energy in the Universe and attract abundance, meaning more customers, more creativity to generate new sources of income, new opportunities to grow.
Join my community of coaches who are growing their businesses in an authentic way, meaninfull to themselves.

Adriana Radu

What I do?

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since 2014
Digital Business Mentor
After quitting my Board Level job and training with Noble Manhattan School of coaching, I started my online coaching business guided by my mentor Stephanie Fiteni, Marketing Coach for Coaches. I managed to successfully open 2 niches: Career Management and Online Business Growth for coaches. In 2022 I organized my first international summit UPcelerator and published my first book 7 Steps to Your First Million Made Online - A practical guide for #nomadbusinesslife.
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since 2014
For the past 9 years I grew my business by answering to my community needs. Step by step I created a business model which suits my personality and dream life style. The business foundation is my transformational program Business UPcelerator. From 1:1 delivery, I went to group program and then evergreen program. This allowed me to create new courses and products which answer my community needs: Masterminds, Business Retreats. Using automation and a team of mentors, I managed to grow my business by 58% in 2023 so far. But most important, I managed to escape the rat race of launches to get more me time.
Adriana Radu
TV and Radio appearances
Invite me as a speaker at: office@adrianaradu.ro
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Stick to the steps we decided together and stay consistent in applying them.
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What my clients say

"I am very pleased to have collaborated with you, Adriana. What helped me the most was that you were open and transparent, you helped me identify my blockages, and your encouragement made me make decisions that I kept putting off. My -loved both the structure of the course and the individual sessions you gave us, they had a major impact on me.Now every time someone asks me who I am/what I do, I think of you and the discussion I had with you on this topic and I start to answer more and more confident, excited and proud of myself. Thank you very much for everything!"
Adriana Popovici
"Until I came to you, I only knew how to do coaching with anyone who needed help. You were the one who taught me not to work chaotically, to define my niche, to make myself a magnet for attracting paying clients .You pulled me to improve my style, the magnet, you gave me tips to help me on the front end of attracting clients. Thank you for doing so much for me, a clueless one at first, a real entrepreneur now As you said, it's hard to wear both hats, employee and entrepreneur, but it brings results."
Gabriela Ștefănescu
Relationship coach parent with adult children
"The mentoring program with Adriana was the product I was looking for. I'm not the type of person to learn by myself, I need clear directions, a structure, a program to follow. Adriana has flair, she's empathetic and he lets you sink into worries and helplessness. He guides you with understanding and tells you the words that help you recover and get on your way. Thank you for all the professional support but also for the man you are, Adriana!"
Roxana Vizitiu
Happiness Coach
"Adriana showed me professionalism, tact and patience. She was by my side every time I needed it and helped me work on my own blockages and give meaning to all my activities. I gained more confidence and the clarity I needed I needed to form my image as an expert, but above all to clarify my niche."
Veronica Gavril
Relationship coach

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