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Adriana Radu


I’m Adriana Radu, a Digital business mentor, author, and entrepreneur and I support coaches, therapists, and consultants to develop online businesses aligned with their personality and dream lifestyle.

How do you grow a coaching business? How do you attract leads? How do you grow your community? What kind of content do you need to create? How do you do all this without feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of online presence, tools, and strategies?

Adriana Radu

This is where I intervene with 9 years of experience in developing my own online business while supporting hundreds of clients.

My method and system are based on a combination of 15 years of corporate experience at the Board level and 9 years as an entrepreneur. Since 2014 I managed to successfully open two coaching niches: Career Management and Online Business Development.
Starting and scaling a business can take many shapes. The key to success is to adapt your model to your personality and your dream lifestyle.
I grew my online business testing various marketing approaches until I found the one which is best suitable for me. Starting from the organic, SEO-based marketing model, which I worked with Stephanie Fiteni, my first mentor, I decided to move into a more social media-based model in order to fill my coaching practice.
Very soon I had to move from 1:1 to group programs. However, I found that having regular launches was overwhelming for me so I moved to the evergreen group model.
This approach allowed me to have free time to develop other products such as masterminds and retreats. Changing my business model to suit my lifestyle allowed me to grow my business by 58% this year.
Over the years I learned that being successful means being happy and aligned with yourself. Accepting that business is not all about budgets, strategies, and working hard has been a major mindset change for me. Planning is good but attaching yourself to results isn’t.

adriana radu penumbrastudio.ro 3
adriana radu penumbrastudio.ro 3

Adriana Radu

I trurly believe a business is built step by step

Moreover, I truly believe a business is built step by step, taking your time to validate your ideas as well as your brand in front of your audience. Publishing my first book, 7 Steps to your first million made online, organizing UPcelerator, my first international online summit on sales, marketing and mindset, allowed me to consolidate the authority and trust in front of my community. Thus I managed to transform followers into fans and then into customers.
None of this progress would have been possible without embracing an abundance mindset since we are what we believe. As entrepreneurs, we take on opportunities which means assuming risks we cannot control but that is the beauty of being free to choose how we lead our lives.
When these choices are deeply connected with my personal values and my mission, there is a powerful energy fueling my success. Simply said, being authentic I connect to a higher source of energy in the Universe and attract abundance, meaning more customers, more creativity to generate new sources of income, and new opportunities to grow.
Join my community of coaches who are growing their businesses in an authentic way, meaningful to themselves.

How can I help

Beyond strategies, systems or product mix, I help my clients make the transformation towards entrepreneurship, especially at the mindset level. I teach them to wear the entrepreneur hat with all that it entails: knowledge, skills, new routines, self-confidence in the new role, relationship with money and sales.

I say what I did because I believe we can all achieve what we set out to do provided we have clarity, focus, a process and consistency.

The miracle ingredient of success is your desire to succeed. If you feel that you have a “hunger” to succeed, you will put the energy here and things will happen.

I am here for all the experts who want to create a new life for themselves by impacting their clients’ lives but:

If you are a coach, therapist, consultant who is just starting out and you want to have a turnkey business, I am waiting for you in the Business UPcelerator program.
If you already have clients and want to grow your business, I’m waiting for you at the Grow Biz Club Mastermind program.

Find out how I can help you

Not sure which one is right for you? Schedule a 30 minute chat with me.
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