7 ways of attracting online customers

7 ways of attracting online customers

Whether you are a coach, therapist, online trainer, or meet people face to face, your online content plays a very important role in your marketing.

Consistency is very important to becoming known for your area of expertise, but it’s the hardest part. It becomes easier when you are clear about the type of content you will create, why you will create it, and how you will share it.

Here are 7 proven content methods for attracting customers that have helped other experts like you make millions online:

1. Instagram content:

According to Bazaarvoice.com, brands with a small following have a higher conversion rate than the average 1% conversion rate for influencers. “Brands with less than 10,000 followers have significantly higher conversion rates – 2.6%.”

I work with a lot of coaches and therapists who are burned out or fed up with social media. But there are also some things that work well for experts. These are:

  • Stories – they are viewed more often and the right approach will get people to message you and from there you can bring them into a discussion with you
  • Live video – Ensure a live video presence with people with a similar audience to reach more people and grow your audience.
  • Ads – run ads so your content reaches more people and make sure you have content with a clear call to action to book a chat with you or download a material that asks them to do just that.

2. Blogs:

Blog content is the most powerful tool for experts because it helps build authority. Blogs or articles on your website are useful because they help your audience understand what your expertise is, how you help your customers, and how you can support the reader.

Basically, a blog can turn a website visitor into a chat booking in 5 minutes. Blogging is the best investment of your time. You write an article only once and it will bring you leads as long as it is indexed high by Google.

In addition, blogs are a great basis for a podcast, a series of posts, live streams, etc. And if it’s SEO optimized, Google brings you customers for free on a regular basis.

3. Youtube:

YouTube videos are another versatile promotional tool because they can be repurposed so easily for other mediums such as short films, reels, TikTok, live videos, blogs, etc.

Videos are opportunities for education, authority building, and calls to action. However, the difference is that YouTube videos are generally found on YouTube. People tend to go to YouTube to learn how to do something, so it provides a lot of authority-building opportunities for experts like you.

A little secret to get more traffic to your account: use Tubebuddy to find the best tags for your videos.

4. Podcast:

Podcasts are really booming lately. Insider Intelligence estimates that approximately 424 million people listen to podcasts worldwide.

It’s important to remember that the podcast is part of your lead flow. It’s a magnet that will get you followers first and then they become fans and contact you. It is important to have a direct link to your website if they want to know more about you. But you won’t get direct sales.

When choosing the type of promotion, think about your audience, and their preferences. If you are targeting entrepreneurs or executives, they may prefer podcasts because they are busy people and want useful information quickly. If you’re targeting employees, and moms, they might spend more time watching video content.

5. Champion's Content - The Webinar:

A webinar is nothing more than a free course delivered online to those who have signed up. Most lead generation webinars are free. Sometimes there are paid versions with costs between 75-250 Ron.

A webinar is a great opportunity to provide value and also gives you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert. You can then create other types of content such as videos, blogs, and podcasts. You can also use the listing as a lead magnet.

Webinars are a great authority-building tool and can also be a sales tool if you end up pitching your product.

6. 5 Days Challenge:

It is a free training that can be recorded or live for 5 days. It’s the best tool to position yourself as an authority.

They’re also a great alternative to webinars if you’re still not into live webinars. During the challenge, you have several possibilities of interaction and at the end, there will be people who will want to work with you.

Being time-consuming, make sure you have a process to turn participants into customers.

7. Facebook Reels:

Facebook Reels is a very useful content format. By going live regularly at the same time every week, you will get Facebook to start showing your life to more interested people.

You can also reuse this content on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok as long or short videos.

Regardless of the medium you use, the content you create should cover the areas below:

  • Present your personal brand – talk about your values, your ideals, and what your business is about.
  • Inspire your audience – show your audience what is possible, share quotes, famous stories, and anecdotes from your own life
  • Teach them something valuable – show them something of value that can be applied instantly. Dispel a myth, teach them a skill, and give them an insight that unlocks them.
  • Tell them how and why you help your customers. And show them the results you’ve achieved for others that they can achieve too.

Want to learn more about my method of creating content that generates a consistent stream of leads and discovery calls? Schedule HERE a virtual coffee let’s discuss your content strategy to consistently bring you customers.

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